Stompin' Groundz and Chinook Center have teamed for The Southeast Street Art Project. We seek up to 5 artists to provide original artwork designs to cover 5 utility boxes surrounding the Pikes Peak Park neighborhood as an effort to highlight the vibrancy of the community.


The utility boxes are located at traffic intersections throughout Southeast Colorado Springs (80910 & 80916), and contain functioning electrical equipment managed by the City of Colorado Springs. Over time, the 48” high reflective silver boxes have been marred by stickers, stains and graffiti. Southeast Streets seeks to integrate and celebrate art as a character of the community. Programs featuring artist designs on traffic signal cabinets and utility boxes have become a popular way across the country to beautify urban areas, while deterring graffiti and damage. 


The Southeast Street Art Project will commission original designs that will transform the cabinets into notable artworks and will 1) cover previous damage;  2) discourage future damage and vandalism; and 3) enhance  pedestrian experience. 


ELIGIBILITY AND SELECTION PROCESS            Deadline to Apply: Friday, October 2, 2020


Eligibility is open to professional visual artists throughout the Pikes Peak Region. For the purposes of this project, the Pikes Peak Region is defined as El Paso and Teller Counties, and mediums for visual artists include, but are not limited to, painting, printmaking, photography, drawing, photography, mixed media and digital works.


Selected artists will be chosen through a juried process in which artistic quality serves as the primary criteria (as demonstrated through submitted images). Additional criteria will consider the artist’s vision (as explained by the submitted statement), public art and/or exhibition history, and relevance of artwork to the Southeast community.


A $100 artist fee will be paid to selected artists, and selected artists will be contracted with to create/provide an original design which will be transferred to a high-quality vinyl wrap covering all four sides of the rectangular traffic signal cabinets. Please see the process of artwork design review and approval under the “Scope of Work” section of this call. Stompin’ Groundz and Chinook Center will handle the cost and process of fabricating and installing the vinyl wraps.

TO APPLY         


To respond to this RFQ, artists should submit an application packet by Friday, Oct 2, 2020 


A complete application should include the following information and attachments: 


  • Two images of previously completed work (sent as three separate files, each file should be a .jpg file and no larger than 1MB)

  • Artist Contact Info and Intent for project

  • Click here to submit work and fill out application


For questions or more information, contact Juelz Ramirez Juelz@StompinGroundz719.com




October 2, 2020                        RFQ Deadline

Week of Oct 5, 202                  Juried selection process

By Monday, Oct 12                   Notification to artists

Between Oct 12-Oct 16          City review process of proposed artwork

Between Oct 12- Oct 16         If necessary, artist revisions per City review

No later than Oct 23                Final artwork/files due from artists

Between Oct 27-Nov 7            Print and install vinyl wraps




Following the jury process, selected artists will be contracted with to create or provide an artwork design. The following information details the scope of work, and design guidelines for selected artists. 


This information is also useful for the application process, in developing a statement of intent. 


An inventory list of available boxes and address locations will be provided to selected artists. Requests for specific locations will be honored whenever possible. 


Each selected artist will be designated a specific box/location, and will then submit a proposed artwork design.  Proposals from selected artists will be reviewed by a variety of City agencies, based on the following design guidelines:


  • Artwork must be original work created by the applicant. Selected artists may create new work, or propose use of an existing piece of original work. Existing works should not already be displayed as public art within the Pikes Peak Region.


  • Artists are encouraged to consider the shape and form of the cabinet in their design, and note that wraps will cover all four sides of the cabinet. There are rivets, locks, and vents that the wrap will cover and in some cases be cut away from, and that should be considered in proposed designs. For example the wrap is cut away to expose existing vent holes; the vents must remain open, the wrap cannot restrict airflow through the cabinet. 

  • Designs should consider anti-graffiti techniques, including avoiding “large, open areas in the design”.


  • Artists should note the following City permit guidelines: “The use of logos and specific product 

advertising is prohibited. Also prohibited is religious, offensive, immoral, vulgar, disreputable, and profane or gang language as well as any images that would constitute graffiti. The City of Colorado Springs also reserves the sole right to refuse a design which may be construed to reflect its support for a particular product, service, idea, and political and/or religious point of view.  Designs cannot imply or create an optical illusion for either pedestrians or vehicular, replicate or mimic traffic control devices, i.e. stop signs or crosswalks, or encourage children to play in the street (i.e. games like jump rope or hopscotch, etc.)” 


  • Proposed designs will need to consider a color palette that is primarily lighter colors. Traffic signal cabinets currently have a metallic silver exterior. The silver reflects the sun/heat in order to protect the electrical components housed within the cabinet. Proposals should use a lighter color palette on at least 75% of the design, with darker colors making up no more than 25% of the design. 


  • Stompin’ Groundz and Chinook Center is especially interested in concepts that have the ability to be site-specific. Artists are encouraged to consider Southeast Colorado Springs’; geography, history and heritage as a hub for arts and culture, tourism, family-friendly activities, local business, and neighborhoods.


All submitted proposals by selected artists will be reviewed by the City of Colorado Springs for final approval. Stompin’ Groundz and Chinook Center will work with selected artists to facilitate incorporation of any City-required design revisions.


Final approved work will be produced as a vinyl wrap, printed on high performance, graffiti-resistant vinyl, and installed on a traffic signal cabinet in Southeast Colorado Springs. 


Selected artists should be able to provide a high-quality, high-resolution digital file of their work prior to vinyl wrap production and installation. In some cases, SG and CC may be able to assist an artist with scanning of original artwork in order to ensure proper file size and resolution.  Artist fee will be paid upon submission of files for final approved artwork.


Fabrication and installation of the vinyl wraps will be managed and paid for by SG and CC. Maintenance and removal of wraps will be handled by SG and CC as well. Works are intended to stay installed as long as the wrap remains in good condition, it is anticipated that the lifespan of the vinyl wrap will be 3 to 5 years. Wraps will be installed on functional traffic signal cabinets, so the possibility of a cabinet needing to be repaired or replaced does exist. Replacement or removal of the wrap is at the discretion of SG and the City of Colorado Springs.




The Southeast Street Art Project will cover up to 5 utility boxes surrounding the Pikes Peak Park neighborhood.  Locations for the available boxes will be noted at a future date.


The boxes have four sides, and approximate dimensions for the boxes are as follows:

  • Front/22” wide by 49” high

  • Back/21” wide by 49” high

  • Two Sides/ 18” wide by 49” high


These measurements are approximate, exact dimensions and cabinet template will be provided to artists upon selection.


If you are interested in sponsoring a utility box please email Juelz@StompinGroundz719.com





We will exist as a brick and mortar, somewhere, someday.

Stay tuned! 



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